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The North Dakota Indie Music Podcast show

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INdependent North Dakota (& Worldwide) Bands, Musicians and Media

By R Hastings

New Music Monday - Free music podcast by two seconds away show

New Music Monday - Free music podcast by two seconds awayJoin Now to Follow

New Music Monday is at its core very simple. Every first Monday of the month for a year, we (two seconds away) will be writing, recording, and releasing a new song for free! So you can either come back to every month for your fix OR you can subscribe in itunes and have it downloaded automatically! New Music Monday first began in 2008 with a new song every week and all 52 of our original songs are available for purchase from iTunes.

By two seconds away

"SNACK RAP" show

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By Rob Jersey

4-Cast - The Barbershop Podcast - Standard show

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Barbershop music enthusiasts, both singers and listeners, are fanatics when it comes to their hobby. This podcast is dedicated to discussing topics related to the genre. We talk with barbershoppers across the country, including both international and local perspectives, with the goal of spreading information about our music in a fun manner. Hosted By Alan LeVezu and Eric Brickson

Collective Voice show

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The Collective Voice Radio Broadcast is a syndicated programme featuring a wide variety of eclectic and experimental music, hosted by Rory Hinchey. For an overview of material aired each week please visit the play lists section at Particular editions can include news related to artists whose work is featured on the broadcast, interviews, label spotlights, and much else. Furthermore, Ownness is actively seeking radio stations (campus, community, net-based, or otherwise) interested in including Collective Voice in a weekly broadcast schedule. For more information contact

Cursive Script Podcasts - Kingston Writing School - Kingston University London show

Cursive Script Podcasts - Kingston Writing School - Kingston University LondonJoin Now to Follow

New fiction, poetry, drama and the occasional literary-themed interview and essay, read by authors and actors, and mixed with music and sound. Produced by the Kingston Writing School, London.

By Kingston Writing School

Unsigned Music Mag's Podcast show

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Unsigned Music Magazine ``"The Largest Magazine Dedicated To Indie Music!"``Every month UNSIGNED brings you new music reviews, feature articles, commentaries and much more. ``UNSIGNED is published monthly by Urban Playground Media located in the beautiful city of Atlanta, GA. the music capital of the south, maybe the world! ``Unsigned Podcast is brought to you by SomaR Productions as an audio accompaniment to the magazine.`` show

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I find it fascinating hearing “down to earth” stories of regular people. Everyone has tragedies as well as funny stories inside them, that will entertain and inspire us listeners. Who’s got a grandparent, parent, neighbour–whoever–with a story to tell? D’ya ever sit and listen to your dad & uncle tell stories about when they were young? Know someone who is a natural story teller? Do you enjoy real life stories of normal people’s adventures and comedies? That’s really what is all about. "celebrating the uncelebrated"

Sex and Podcasting show

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- This site isn't about sex, I just put the word in to get your attention (an idea I borrowed from Lorenzo Milam, friend and author of Sex and Broadcasting). Rather than sex, these are reflections on podcasting by an aging community radio organizer. Contains policy and community podcasting observations, "how to" ideas, and music. The podcasts are each about 10 minutes long - half talk, half music. The music is licensed from BMI. No sex though.

The DJ Jade and Quincy Show show

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Jade and Quincy are a dynamic duo of the musical essence... I totaly just pulled that out of my ass! From being crazy ass mofo's to eating Grandma Gertrude's dumb ass cookies, there is one thing these two are about. LISTENING TO INDIE MUSIC! It's all about the Underground baby