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The Firing Squad show

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raw hip hop 24/7

By Fort Nox

T. K. -- Total Kontrol show

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This is our first podcast. On this episode we talk about our different preferences on music. Who knows what we will do next week.

Bionic Ted's Cough Syrup Radio show

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Fueled by a near lethal dose of over the counter medication, your hostess with the less-ness, Bionic Ted, somehow manages to weave together a coherent program with the type of spirit that would make Guglielmo Marconi weep. I'm just kidding, it's total shit. The only thing Bionic Ted and Marconi have in common are foot fetishism and a deeply rooted past in Italian Fascism.

Maniclab.com Discord Radio - All Shows Feed show

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The end all be all of underground rock scene. Different shows for every genre. Punk, hardcore, emo, indie,metal, ska and rockabilly. Brought to you by the good folks at Maniclab.com

Philthy Phil's RadioActive Pit Stop  show

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A specialty FM radio show centered around all the forms of Punk including news and info on the national, regional and local level.. Host Philthy Phil started the show on internet radio on Party934 and is now on in Anchorage, AK FM dial 94.7 The End KZND Saturday nights at 8 pm with a podcast only, uncensored midweek episode.

By The RadioActive Pit Stop



Programa de radio por internet www.radiocarcoma.com viernes desde 21:00. thrash metal heavy rock groove death grincore black speed punk

By Asilo de Lunátikos

Curt Shaw's Metal Show show

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This podcast features music from unsigned bands. This is a great site for hearing the cutting edge stuff!

Rare Todd show

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harsh music--metal, punk, noise--no childishness

The Muse Nashville Live Music Event 8pm Central show

The Muse Nashville Live Music Event 8pm CentralJoin Now to Follow

The Muse Has A Wide Variety Of Music Genres. Ranging from Rock, Acoustic, Punk, Metal, RAVE, Hip Hop, Outlaw Country, Psychobilly, and other underground music. For upcoming events please visit our calendar of events: http://themusenashville.com/e107_plugins/calendar_menu/calendar.php

The A. Gene Punckbowee Show show

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Howdy, I'm A. Gene Punckbowee. A singer/songwriter/musician out of Magnolia Texas. During my shows, I play some of my music and talk about the songs. I also do an "AGP Artist Spotlight: where I interview an artist/band, and also play some of their music throughout the show.

By A. Gene Punckbowee