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ZIP 71101 show

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Music, Talk and Fun...We discuss the musicial of Shreveport, LA,. Christian, Country, and Rock and everything in between.

The Christian Message From Moscow (Voice of Russia) show

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Voice of Russia VOR radio network produces "The Christian Message from Moscow" in English. Web audio not easily available, reproduces this. Podcasting makes it a golden era to learn about our Russian Orthodox Christian compatriots, their rich history, music, composers, performers, writers, sermons, and Saints' lives and works. Listen each week and check out our other offerings on our website. VOR's TCMFM page is

LifeTake5 show

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Take 5 from your daily life and focus on the Lord Jesus. Filling your ears with worship music, praise and testimonials.

HymnPod show

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Traditional Hymns Podcast played mainly with piano. These hymns contain an introduction and three repetitions and can easily be sung to. Good for church use, personal devotion, or simply listening on your mp3 player.

with God show

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A podcast about running with a positive message. So many runners view their time on the pavement as a time 'de-stress'. A time to sort out there issues and contemplate upcoming events. Why not carry God with you? Here are some motivating podcast to help you along.

By brandon cannon

Whiplash show

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This podcast is certified crap-less. If you're reading this, we've been praying for you. Thank God you're here. It's a new day for Christian music and you're a part of it. Really. Nashville based Whiplash records is on a mission to reclaim the heart of the artist and rekindle the faith of an industry. If you're a music fan and want to go deeper come walk the road less traveled with us. If you love Jesus, come check out what He's doing in the underground. If you're an artist wondering what comes next, this is for you. It's not about you on a magazine cover; it's about being the servant of all. You won't find hype here but you will find something refreshing: Authenticity. Got you interested? Come join us. We've been expecting you. Welcome to the revolution.

The Krishna Cast Network show

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A podcast network featuring Audio content about Devotional Music, Lord Krishna, Spirituality and Hinduism from the Vedic viewpoint.

By His Divine Grace Swami B.B. Tirtha Maharaj

Christian Songs And Blessings show

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Christian Songs And Blessings Audioblog/ Podcast features great worship songs and hymns sung by contemporary artists and also a selected blessing from the Bible expounded by Bible Teacher Dr. Johnson Cherian MD,PhD.

The GevaldikGuy Show show

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Seems that on the way home in the car you have a choice to either listen to the radio, music or a shiur. This podcast introduces a fourth alternative. When you're too tired to listen to a shiur how about an inspirational discussion or a dvar torah or a good question on the Daf? Come listen and join the discussion. Thank You, Gevaldik Guy

By Gevaldik Guy

Massey's Music Productions show

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A musical representation of the Church on your corner, with a varied collection of locally based independent Christian Artists. No big names here!! Just great music. ``

By Rick Massey