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Carol Watson - Unleash Your Magnificience show

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Healing with the Angels - Your Host for this show is Goddess Arianmor There is Love, Light and Healing available to us all. We just need to ask and receive. The Law of Attraction is working for you 24 hours a day whether you realise this or not. Step into our healing space this evening and receive the love, support and healing you need. The Angels are always there for us, we just need to ask for their help and assistance. Your Host for this call is Goddess Arianmor a healer, teacher and channel of love, support and encouragement. Together we will explore the possibilities. For a private consultation you can reach me at or contact me via Skype contact name: Goddess.Arianmor You can now download my podcasts at iTunes Please rate my podcasts on iTunes. Namaste Goddess Arianmor

By Goddess Arianmor

Future Primitive show

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Joanna Harcourt-Smith hosts intimate conversations with authors, visionaries, and innovators re the profound shift in the planetary collective awareness that invites collaboration vs. separation, harmony vs. discord. The extensive range of topics include: spirituality, consciousness, psychology, shamanism, indigenous culture, mysticism, Buddhism, transpersonal psychology, sustainability, activism, art, astrology, eco-psychology, ecology, Entheogens, environmental activism, feminism, gnosticism, goddess studies, health, herbalism, media, music, performing arts, photography, poetry, psychedelic research, soul work, storytelling, technology, etc. She practices Buddhism particularly loving kindness and compassion for herself and others around her. She asks “What is true Kindness?” Through these dialogs, Future Primitive encourages listeners to participate in, and benefit from, this deep awakening - this renaissance of awareness.

The Goddess Factory - Motivation, Inspiration and Fun! show

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A weekly dose of motivation, inspiration and empowerment by indie filmmaker and personal cheerleader Abiola Abrams, an artist based in New York City.

ACIM Podcast show

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A Course In Miracles Text Readings

Spiritual Awakening Empowered Living show

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Evolutionary Spirituality with your host Donna DeVane! Donna is a certified spiritual healer, life coach, author and teacher of a New Evolutionary Spirituality! New understanding of the law of attraction, rather than the law of detraction. We are not divided beings, part one thing, part another. We are ONE. With All Creation. Everything is energy, thoughts, feelings, actions, words, politics, playing, fighting; it's All Energy! Let's discuss Life as we are living it. What are we creating? Are we loving it or do we need to shift our energy and create something different? Listen in for a new take on old thoughts. Her passion is helping others live empowered lives. Listen in as we discuss the Law of Attraction, healing, forgiveness, real life going on around us and Being An Empowered Woman. She offers tele-seminars and online classes on the subjects of healing, manifesting, forgiving, creating your life consciously with the law of attraction.

By Empowered Women

Ask Father Peter show

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Father Peter Bowes, an ordained mystical Christian priest, speaks about the inner path to God and how one can begin a true spiritual journey.

wellcast your wellness pod cast | still your mind, change your world show

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Welcome to Wellcast’s pod cast for mind, body, spirit, health and wellbeing. From guided mediations and visualisations to information about spiritual health and wellbeing, here you can find some helpful resources for your journey along the way. Learn techniques that can affect you in profound ways, bring more peace to your world, our world. Wellcast is your oasis, so subscribe now it free and continue your journey to wellness today.

Option Institute - Personal Growth and Self Improvement show

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Lecture by Barry Neil Kaufman calls out to our inner voice, solicits the best within us and encourages us to bring our dreams alive in the very "real" world we live in.

Christianity For Today show

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This podcast, created by Pastor Art of, is an inspirational study of the Bible. Each week Pastor Art will publish a new podcast on Sunday nights. If you have any questions or comments about the podcast, you can contact him at:

IRSHA - Channelings from Ascended Masters show

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Monthly Channelings and meditations through IRSHA - an integrated flow of frequencies transmitting intelligence and information from Ascended Masters and the Brotherhood of Light, read by Elmarilla Bailey.