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The Lakota Elders show

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This is the journal of Chris Cavallari, the filmmaker behind a documentary on the Lakota Sioux Elders and a journey made by two college students from the same country, but different worlds. Follow my journey as I attempt to prepare, document, and edit the film. Read, listen, and watch as I adventure right along with the students, and perhaps find something deep inside of me that has been longing to be set free.

The Larry and Josey Show show

The Larry and Josey ShowJoin Now to Follow

Welcome to the Larry and Josey show, aka Liz and Jeff. This central Wisconsin couple talk about the latest happenings around the area as well as what is going on in the communtiy. Subjects vary from anything to everything.

The Making's Podcast show

The Making's PodcastJoin Now to Follow

The Making is a rock band from Maryland. In addition to being super-hilarious in their spare time, they are super-hilarious podcasters. Get some "behind-the-scenes" sounds and commentary at gigs, at practice, in the studio and in between. Find out what it's like to be in a super-hilarious, vaguely popular and soon-to-be famous rock band!

The Obvious Elitist Reaction show

The Obvious Elitist ReactionJoin Now to Follow

A Bi-Monthly podcast that brings you our elitist opinion on everything good and bad in music. From the local Madison, WI scene to world wide, join us each week and we rant and rave about a featured artist and about anything else that may being angering us. show

Terminal-Labs.comJoin Now to Follow

Mostly podsafe music with a bit of ranting to feed my ego.

The Day Show on show

The Day Show on TalkONE.comJoin Now to Follow

Women Want It All: Health, Beauty, Dieting, Anti-aging, Sex Relationships, Spirituality, Politics, Entertainment, Cool New Trends and Hot Stuff? And Dary and her friends give it to listeners in what Talkers Magazine calls ?a hot provocative way??

Taking Liberties show

Taking LibertiesJoin Now to Follow

Follow Corey as he discusses tech, news and all things Japanese as he counts down to and embarks on a year long adventure in Tokyo Japan. Produced for fans of the random. Audience participation is highly encouraged.

the TallyCast show

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The TallyCast is about the people, places and music of North Florida.

Terra Nova Bulletin Podcast Edition show

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Live from Pacifica, CA, it's the Terra Nova High School Bulletin Podcast Edition! This weekly program will take you through all the latest news @ TN and will guide you to other fun and interesting stuff. Hosted by Mr. Cottrell, Music and Podcast Program Director at Terra Nova High School.

Jay Ingram's Theatre of the Mind show

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Jay Ingram, Canada's premier science journalist, author, and broadcaster, explores consciousness, the mind, and the brain. A humorous, thought-provoking and accessible weekly conversation with pundit & performer David Newland.