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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot show

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WTF? There's just so much out there that makes me wonder about the future of our race... what a bunch of fuck ups. There's a lot of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot material out here and things that just piss me off. This is the place to hear all about it. And yeah, I am better than you. Get over it.

Cand3la's Podcast show

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A glimpse and this bloggers mind. Cand3lasville!

Jordan and Perry's MCS-cast show

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a podcast devoted especially to motion city soundtrack and apple visit our website for more about what we do

eCast show

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no description yet

Lordcast show

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Comedy audio cartoon

The Fantastic Fred Show (a Gay Show) show

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Wild and Crazy times are calls for Reasonable people to step up and take a stand. This is a Podcast about a group of Gay Americans that want equality and Happiness in our United States. But, where do we start? First we are going to take Kentucky by storm. We are queercaster from the Commonwealth of Kentucky and we are tired of being tolerated and not accepted. Give me Liberty or just give me a break. Give us equal rights. Listen to our show, it's not all about politics, it about life. Sometimes I even say something that you can take with you. Sit back and listen. You might learn something.

By Fantastic Fred, Naughty Nathan, Wonder Wanda, and Political Mind Tamara

Finding Bryan show

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Through Self-Help I will go looking for the young vibrant, healthy, positive person; who I lost somewhere along the way. I share the discoveries I make with my audience, so that they are able to improve in their own self-help quests that they are on.<br> <br> I am looking at improving my personal standing through self reflection and personal growth. Help my family to improve their sense of self-worth and inspire them to build their own wealth, success, and family. Using faith and productivity skills that I am learning I believe I can help other people and show them that no they are not the only who has lost themselves and you are actually normal.

By Bryan Goodwin

Cosecha de fonemas show

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Podcast del hijo de un inglés que al llegar a España y no encontrar trabajo, su vecino le propone trabajar de psicólogo en su empresa. Aquí cuelga sus reflecciones i los post-it's que escribe su padre sobre sus clientes y que pone en el retrtete de su oficina.

By Xavi Linares

UFO Chronicles Podcast show

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Have you had an unusual experience? And you would like to talk about your experiences on our podcast

By ufochronicles

The Segilola Salami Show show

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The Segilola Salami show is a weekly podcast show set in a virtual cafe about books and publishing. New episodes are released every Tuesday morning.<br> <br> The aim of the show is to be:<br> 1) educational, motivational and inspiring but in an entertaining way<br> 2) a discovery platform for new books, authors and service providers<br> <br> Segilola Salami is the host of The Segilola Salami Show. Segilola is a mom, author, freelance writer and blogger living in London, UK. You can subscribe to her blog by clicking here to stay up to date with her work. You can listen to The Segilola Salami Show on her blog as well as on other websites including Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, iTunes, TuneIn and Player FM to name a few. Subscribe to the show now to listen to previous episodes<br> <br> Please support The Segilola Salami Show with a donation by clicking here to help with its production costs.

By Segilola Salami