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Julius Sharma's Weekly Top30 show

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The WeeklyTop30 is a International Radio Show Presented & Produced by Julius Sharma.The show follows global music and breaking news.It contains news about the biggest artists and celebrities and includes exclusive artist interviews every week. Find out the inside scoop, straight from the world's top artists.Brand new music is delivered weekly as Hits and Breakouts. Find out what's doing good on the charts, before anyone else does.The Weekly Top30 delivers a global concert wrap-up report. The show introduces you to brand new artists, with exclusive interviews and music from up-coming global superstars. Making music apart of your life, The WeeklyTop30 with Julius Sharma.

Si Scirocco show

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Resident DJ @ The Island, London. The latest Vocal, Electro and Minimal House tracks in the mix.

The Young Punx FM show

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The Young Punx FM - The best in new electronic music - live from London Bridge, England.

A Todo Rock Podcast show

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Aqui podras escuchar lo mejor del Rock en espanol e ingles,y mucha musica de bandas independientes, asi como programas especiales de Bandas o Grupos mucho mas conocidos, Relajate, ponte comodo que aqui comienza A Todo Rock.

By George Paz

The Skankin' Hepcat Show show

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Welcome to the Skankin' Hepcat Show...your source for indie ska music and offbeat comedy since 1998!!! If you enjoy good ska music from all around the world, the Skankin' Hepcat Show is place to your scene...listen to the Skankin' Hepcat Show!!````****The episodes to this podcast DO NOT list here on Digital Podcast. To check out this show, either do a search on iTunes or visit to download all of the episodes!!!*****

Miguel Jacinto Podcast  show

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Serei o menos comercial possível, mas se a música for boa, não terei qualquer pejo, em passá-la!

By Miguel Jacinto

Badly Drawn Boy show

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As Badly Drawn releases his fifth studio album how do you write an album that encompasses your whole life and what strange memories does it bring to mind? Find this out and a whole lot more, in three 'Born In the UK' podcasts.

Bunch of Betty's Podcast!! show

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An eclectic variety of music by women vocalists and performers...with an occasional male singer thrown in. This is a weekly hour-long show with virtually NO TALK. Playlists can be found at!

By Betty

The Platform Podcast show

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The Platform Podcast is the creation of two best friends — hundreds of miles apart — who wanted to share the music they love (as legally as possible) and the conversations they have. These two friends are the kind of guys whom you would swear have a personal code against listening to bands played on radio stations that transmit at greater than 5 watts. While certainly not above nostalgic or even mainstream pleasures, they know you can get such things from pretty much anywhere at any time. You all know the type. They can talk about great works of literature and film. They can kick your ass at Grand Theft Auto. The key points in their sexual development were Whitesnake videos and Colonel Wilma Deering in Buck Rodgers. You love them anyway. So, don’t think of this as a podcast. It’s more like a form of opt-in auditory vandalism. Download us. Listen. Tell us what you think.

NICOLA'S Live Audio Shows show

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NICOLA and the Band perform live and archived in case you could not make it to the show! Want to feel as if you are there...then listen.``````````````

By nicola