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Librivox: Sammlung deutscher Gedichte 006 by Various show

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Eine Sammlung 20 deutscher Gedichte für LibriVox.

By LibriVox

Librivox: Short Science Fiction Collection 012 by Various show

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Science fiction (abbreviated SF or sci-fi with varying punctuation and case) is a broad genre of fiction that often involves sociological and technical speculations based on current or future science or technology. This is a reader-selected collection of short stories that entered the US public domain when their copyright was not renewed. Summary by Cori Samuel, with Wikipedia input.

By LibriVox

Librivox: Nachtstücke by Hoffmann, E.T.A. show

Librivox: Nachtstücke by Hoffmann, E.T.A.Join Now to Follow

Die "Nachtstücke" sind eine Sammlung von unheimlichen Geschichten, die der Romantik zuzuordnen sind. Die einzelnen Titel dieser Sammlung sind: "Der Sandmann", "Ignaz Denner", "Die Jesuitenkirche in G.", "Das Sanctus", "Das öde Haus", "Das Majorat", "Das Gelübde" und "Das steinerne Herz". (Summary by Rainer)

By LibriVox

Librivox: Metal Monster, The by Merritt, Abraham show

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The Metal Monster is an Abraham Merritt fantasy novel. Dr. Goodwin is on a botanical expedition in the Himalayas. There he meets Dick Drake, the son of one of his old science acquaintances. They are witnesses of a strange aurora-like effect, but seemingly a deliberate one. As they go out to investigate, they meet Goodwin's old friends Martin and Ruth Ventnor, brother and sister scientists. The two are besieged by Persians as Darius III led when Alexander of Macedon conquered them more than two thousand years ago. The group is saved by a magnificent woman they get to know as Norhala. She commands the power of lightning and controls strange metal animate Things, living, metallic, geometric forms; an entire city of sentient cubes, globes and tetrahedrons, capable of joining together and forming colossal shapes, and wielding death rays and other armaments of destruction. They are led to a hidden valley occupied by what they name "The Metal Monster", a strange metal city occupied by the metal animate Things Norhala commands This city is governed by what they call the Metal Emperor, assisted by the Keeper of the Cones. Ruth is slowly being converted by Norhala to become like her; her little sister. Martin, her brother, tries shooting the Metal Emperor, who retalliates with a ray blast, putting Martin in a comatose state. Closed in between the Metal Monster and the Persians, it falls to Goodwin and Drake to find a way to escape their predicament. (Summary Wikipedia)

By LibriVox

Librivox: Bible (KJV) 09: 1 Samuel by King James Version show

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The life of Samuel, and the life of Saul.

By LibriVox

Bollywood Basement show

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Non-Stop Bollywood dance hits remixed by DJK-dar

Simonttx Podcast show

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Italian podcast about music, Prince, life and photos

BALTIC Video Podcast show

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BALTIC Podcasts is a series of free audio and video downloads designed to enhance your visit to BALTIC. An ongoing series featuring artists and curators, it explores current and forthcoming exhibitions at BALTIC providing ideal audio and visual accompaniment useful prior, during or after any visit to BALTIC. BALTIC Video Podcasts visually explore BALTIC exhibitions and projects and include footage of artwork, curators, artists and gallery visitors.

1830 Magazine .com / Jose Santamaria show

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BIENVENIDOS. 1830 Magazine una marca de APF Colombia creada en el 2006 viendo la necesidad de nuevos espacios de entretenimiento cultural, rompiendo con las barreras de la radio local, llegando a mas personas de habla hispana, aqui encontraras un nuevo mundo que te vas a degustar de principio a fin, con la locucion e investigacion de Jose Santamaria su podcastiador latino, diariamente encontraras nuevos temas, que puedes descargar a tu iPod, o escucharlos en tu computadora. chaos….

By 1830 Magazine

Tarkan Deluxe show

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Ali Yildirim writes about musicians, muse sessions and confessions.