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Science and Society show

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Talk radio -- broadcasting 3 years -- focusing on nanotechnology, life sciences, space exploration, K-12 science education, and the intersection between science and art.

1000 Flowers Bloom show

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Conversations with leaders in the technology industry.

IT Conversations: Tech Nation show

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IT Conversations: Tech Nation with Moira Gunn

Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead interview show

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Mickey Hart - is a percussionist, author, producer and ethnomusicologist who’s done more for drums and drumming than I think almost any other human on the planet. His scope, reach and inclusion know no bounds; he is someone who has been searching, experimenting and expanding minds for over 45 years. Starting off in 1967 with the Grateful Dead, Mickey Hart has gone on to reshape and reintroduce human beings to their most basic self. His newest trip “Mysterium Tremendum” might be his most ambitious project to date; taking people on a journey through the vastness of the infinite universe. By taking sounds that were created billions of years ago, Mickey Hart and the Mickey Hart Band are taking these sound, mixing it with the technology of today, and delivering it to us in the most tripped out world/trance music way. Believe me when I say that this will no doubt be some of the most exciting and interesting music that you’ve heard in a long time.

Shelly Palmer Digital Living - Daily Radio Report show

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Shelly Palmer hosts a series of discussions about technology, media and entertainment with industry leaders, personalities and celebrity guests. Enjoy Media 3.0 -- The Podcast

By Shelly Palmer

NOVA E=mc2 show

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To celebrate the centennial of Einstein's E = mc2, NOVA asked 10 top physicists--two Nobel Prize winners among them--how they would describe the equation to curious non-physicists. Subscribe to our podcast to hear a different physics luminary each week. NOVA is produced by WGBH in Boston. This podcast was produced by Lexi Krock and David Levin.

Florida Creatives Podcast show

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As long as the Florida Creatives Happy Hour has existed, we have been recording podcast profiles with members of our community. As each interview is recorded, time rolls on behind us, the ideals and goals of our group become more refined, and we hope the content of the podcasts will reflect our evolution.

omega tau - science and technology in your headphones show

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omega tau is a podcast that covers all kinds of interesting things in science in technology. We publish episodes in regular intervals (though, not too often :-)) on whatever we find interesting. We also pride ourselves in really good production value. Example episodes include suborbital space flight, earthrace, computational thinking and flying sailplanes.

Whitehead Institute Podcast show

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Each episode features an interview with a Whitehead scientist on a specific topic. Whitehead scientists run pioneering programs in cancer research, immunology, developmental biology, stem cell research, regenerative medicine, genetics and genomics.

By Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research

Interview With A Psychiatrist: Slavery Today In The U.S.A. show

Interview With A Psychiatrist: Slavery Today In The U.S.A.Join Now to Follow

A corporation politician partnership limits adolescence health care, in the name of profits; our children go to the penitentiary instead of mental facility, because it is cheaper. This is a huge cost shift in our society, from health care to prisons. With a 52 year medical career, psychiatrist, Dr. F. LaMarr Heyrend exposes the truth to this social crisis.