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Late Night Anime Review show

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We review the newest anime and manga straight from Japan. Aswell as reviewing the shows that influenced them. We also talk about the news dealing with everything Japanese.

Great Podcast Banzai's Podcast show

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An epic audio adventure about all things Manga and Anime hosted by Mikey, Andy, and J-Rub. Tune in every Saturday as they recap and discuss the new issues/episodes of the Big Three in addition to monthly, lesser known, and their favorite series.

By Great Podcast Banzai

The Media Guide show

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My name is Ashton, and together with my good friends Jake and Ross, we are going to review anything and everything we enjoy. We are currently students at the University of Alabama, but we plan on including friends from across the country to get input on important topics. Every week we will watch a trailer and tell you what we think the movie will be like, based solely on that trailer. We will then review that movie at the beginning of the following week\'s episode. Also sprinkled throughout the eps we will talk about some of our favorite TV shows along with some video games that are keeping us busy. If you enjoy listening to Prerecorded Live, you can follow us on Twitter @PrerecordLive_1 .

By The Media Guide

WGS Radio show

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Join Indy wrestling commentator Double B each week as major topics in wrestling and video games are discussed. Feel free to call in with your questions or comments.

By WGS Radio

Hellmouth Podcast show

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This is a series commentary of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series. Each podcast is a review on an episode by episode basis of the Buffy series. It provides episode recaps, and discussions centered around the characters, the plot devices, script, cinematography, etc. Like the show it is packed full of comedy, drama and horror.

By Angie and Bryan

The Sonic Newsdriver show

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"Doctor Who related news, delivered to you sonically!" A podcast with a focus on Doctor Who related news is presented in a format that makes it easy to digest with episodes running anywhere between 10 to 15 minutes in length presented in a witty and fun way. Produced and hosted by Louis Trapani

By Louis Trapani

YandBPodcast show

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YandBPodcast (The Young and The Beautiful) is a podcast all about The Young and The Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful soaps. If you enjoy watching these shows as much as we do, then this podcast is for you! Join Nicole and Davetta every Monday for updates, commentary, scene re-enactments and laughs.

By Nicole and Davetta

Television Zombies show

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Weekly podcast with Jeff, Chris, Tina, and Jonah discussing the week in genre and sci-fi television. Serialized shows from Lost to Doctor Who are reviewed and talked about. Sci-Fi from Battlestar Galactica to Heroes is covered.

By Jeff, Tina, Paul and Zack

thefeedradio's podcast show

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The Screenwriter is a show that talks about screenwriting and all forms of writing. The show interviews people in the film and tv industry. Join us live every Monday 6PM PST only at Join our live chat room and ask our guests questions you always wanted to know.

By Kevin

OSG Sports Radio show

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The Online Sports Guys have never been afraid to take on ANY topic in the world of sports, and Count/Pointercount is NO exception...

By OSG Count/PointerCount