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Chiswick Christian Centre show

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Uplifting and inspiring messages to draw you into a deeper intimacy with the Holy Spirit from a dynamic Spirit filled church in London, England. To find out more about our church check our website

By Chiswick Christian Centre

3Worlds - The Shamanism Podcast show

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A series of podcasts about shamanism (and perhaps a bit of music and other 'off-topic' things) by Nicholas Breeze Wood, editor of Sacred Hoop Magazine, the international magazine about shamanic spirituality, author of books on shamanism and well known shamanic practitioner and craftsperson.

By Nicholas Breeze Wood

MorningStar Ministries Podcast show

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Expect live cuts straight from worship services and conferences, fresh teaching and prophecy from students and seasoned ministers alike, and more.

By Unknown

Ramson Mumba Ministries show

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Get Understanding Television brings the Audio podcast straight to your ipod

By Ramson Mumba

Audacious Podcast show

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Radical, cheeky, challenging, fun, relevant, with Sophia, Paul and Dea. Audacious bring you a message for a radical generation who want to make a difference today!

By Cross Rhythms

Purpose-Centered Life: A Plan for Authentic Living show

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Bring to light your cherished principles, values, hopes and dreams into a personal plan for authentic living. This is the counter concept to "the purpose-driven life." There is an art to making meaning that isn't taught in any school, church, boardroom or home. Get weekly lessons that help you turn your passion into action and your principles into a life plan you can sustain. Learn how to fill your days with meaning, stop procrastinating, and bring new richness to everything you do. Join Eric Maisel, family therapist, creativity coach and bestselling author, as he spells out the art of making meaning. Life is as worthwhile as you make it. Banish meaninglessness by working some existential magic! If the atheist, rationalist, secular-humanist, skeptical, free-thinking, or existential tradition appeals to you, you will especially appreciate Maisel’s insights. Learn how to invest meaning, where to put it, how to withdraw it, and what returns you should expect from this practice. Picture one of your typically busy days, where a lot gets done with no sense of accomplishment. Now picture that day transformed, artfully redesigned so that you experience islands of meaning in a sea of hurry. Get your values and your life aligned! Open up to new meaning opportunities! Understand the language of meaning and the dynamics of meaning and learn how to avoid going down the tubes when bad luck strikes. Consciously decide what you want to value and keep on top of your meaning priorities. Meaning is a lens through which to view life: focus your lens on an intentional life.

By Dr. Eric Maisel

Apostolic Keynote messages from Kingdom Faith show

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Life-defining messages of encouragement and direction, usually from Colin Urquhart. This podcast is updated weekly with a new episode.

By Kingdom Faith Church

Home show

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The Internet is loaded with mis-information on religion as well as biased "propaganda" from all sides of the debate. Fortunately, there are are handful of brilliant scholars, theologians, historians, philosophers, and apologists who engage in public and fair debates on these issues. This allows listeners to be exposed to all ideas and base their beliefs on all available information. This podcast is a collection of the "best of the best" of these debates.

By Bo Bennett

Inspirational Podcasts from show

Inspirational Podcasts from Now to Follow

Listen to an amazing series of podcasts with top authors, coaches and teachers in the personal development and spiritual awakening fields.


Positive Perspective Affirmations show

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More Programs @ - After 10 years, a life changing five year vision quest, a death experience and experiencing beyond the boundary of the physical laws of this universe, I have returned! Yet the hopes to remain positive has remained. Sometimes we take a little convincing, no one better to that but ourselves. I understand the meaning of positive Affirmations, my parents have taught me of them since I was young. They have broght me to a new level in understanding, love, live, peace, money and to God. I sit back and listen, sleeping, working, playing, whenever... I hope they can Help you as much as they help me... if you have a subject you would like me to do a positive Affirmation on please EMail me OpenandClear@GMail.Com- - - - - - - - - - More Programs @ This Podcast was created using

By Rev. Devan Divine