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On Air with Doug, Jen and Victoria show

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Radio America's nationally syndicated talk radio host, Doug Stephan and his lively, entertaining sidekicks provide you everything you need to know to survive the day. From politics to pets, and from health to wealth, you will find endless amounts of useful and entertaining information on Doug Stephan's Good Day.

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Programa de Radio Un Hombre y Una Mujer show

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El Programa Un Hombre y Una Mujer ha sido un éxito en la frontera de Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua y El Paso, TX por la interacción entre Un Hombre (el Psicologo Guillermo Castañeda) y Una Mujer (la Dra. Amparo Barquera) y sus diferentes puntos de vista al ayudar a los radioescuchas con sus inquietudes y problemas. El Programa se transmite de lunes a viernes a las 10:00 a.m. (MST) en La Voz 1060 AM y se escucha en varias ciudades de Texas, Chihuahua y Nuevo México.

By Guillermo Castañeda, Amparo Barquera

Documentaries show

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Throughout the week BBC World Service offers a wide range of documentaries and other factual programmes. This podcast offers you the chance to access landmark series from our archive.

By BBC World Service

Natural Health Freedom Radio show

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Health Empowerment with Croft Woodruff and Peter Schaad. Learn about your natural health options, meet the industry experts, and uncover the politics of health. Every Sunday morning live on CFUN and also available on this podcast. Croft Woodruff is literally a walking enclycopedia of natural health. Croft is former president of the Canadian Health Food Association, past president of the BC Chelation Therapy Association and Cofounder of the Health Action Network. Researcher, lecturer, broadcaster with over 15 years on the radio with his own health show. Croft has an honorary Master Herbalists designation and holds an honorary membership in the Naturopathic College of Quebec. He was awarded a PHD in Philosphy for lifetime achievement. With 40 years in the Natural Health industry Croft has seen it all. Health Empowerment is brought to you every week by Omira Health Centers. At Omira Health Centers we deal with critical and chronic conditions using nutrition, nutraceuticals and innovative technology such as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). Through diagnostic pre-screening tools such as the Cardio DM06 which is a non invasive ECG device which uses medical imaging software to generate a digital image of your heart. Bioenergetic scans can determine weak points in your body which we target with specific therapies and nutraceuticals. In addition we offer nutritional analysis and effect of drug induced nutrient depletion. We take all this data and formulate a Total Longevity plan to help you maintain the quality of your health.

By Andrew McGivern

Triple M - The Shebang Podcasts show

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If you missed this morning's The Shebang on Trip M(or just want to listen again to that funny interview, sketch or whatever) then you\\\'ve reached the right place. It's The Shebang Podcast page! ````

The 13 Skulls show

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The 13 Skulls podcast is a journey into a world that is just beyond our comprehension....the world...of the paranormal....


XXBN show

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XBN discusses topics relating to sex work; sexuality; human, civil and labor rights; politics, culture, & society; feminist & gender issues. Along with interviews with authors & experts in scholarly fields, entertainers in music, arts, film/TV and other media appear as well. Features live listener call-in. XXBN.Net is a progressive talk show produced by the sex worker rights based 501c3 Non Profit organization Project Prosper DBA: SWOP East, Hosts include Jill Brenneman, Amanda Brooks, Renegade Evolution, Gracie Passette, Kimberlee and Jill McCracken. Weekly Shows Wednesdays at 9pm The Cult of Gracie with Gracie Passette.

Political Sex with Cory Paul and Lex Gopnik show

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Political Sex with Cory and Lex where politics and pop culture intersect. This Podcast looks at politics from the 18-35 perspective and is designed to appeal to the younger voters who are for the first time in a long time engaged in the political process. Join Cory and Lex each week as they look at the political events and popular culture news of the week.

Truth News Radio Australia show

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A new radio show which goes behind the news to expose the truth of whats going on in Australia and around the world. Truth News Radio Australia covers , 9/11 truth, Big Brother, Tyranny, Exposing lies and disinformation, Exposing the labor party as well as the Liberal party, We expose the ever growing police state here in Australia, We dig behind the headlines to bring you the most Hard hitting news down under. We won\'t numb your mind with Sport , sex and other Fluff, We ask you to open your ears and listen to the real news.

AM750 SPORTSLINE Chicago show

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SportsLine is a weekly sports talk program heard in Chicago each Sunday from 11AM to Noon on AM750, hosted by Gary Zahara and Danny Carlino, edgy, opinionated, call-ins, presented by Z-Force Media

By Z-Force Media