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The Extra Mile - The Official Charity Miles Podcast show

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Welcome to The Extra Mile, the official Charity Miles podcast where each week we interview people who are going the extra mile for health and to make an impact. Each interview is conducted outdoors on a walk or run with our guest. And we invite you to turn on your Charity Miles and come along for the walk or run with us.

By Gene Gurkoff

Land Stewardship Project's Ear to the Ground show

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Land Stewardship Project's Ear to the Ground podcast features interviews and presentations related to the Land Stewardship Project's work on sustainable agriculture, local food systems, rural communities, beginning farmers, social justice and agricultural/environmental policy.

By Land Stewardship Project

Necessary & Proper Podcast show

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<p>Necessary &amp; Proper is the official podcast of the Federalist Society's Article I Initiative. The Framers of the Constitution intended the legislature to be the most powerful branch of government. In its present state, as the government operates on a day to day basis, it is not. Were the Founders simply wrong about the inherent powers of the legislative branch? Has the institution of Congress developed practices that are not compatible with the text of the Constitution? Why are current Congressional leaders unable or unwilling to act as an effective check on the presidency? Why is Congress unable to pass a budget? Why has Congress ceded much of its authority to the executive branch and to administrative agencies? What does it mean to serve productively as a member of the House or Senate? These and other important questions are the focus of the Article I Initiative. </p><p>Periodic releases from Necessary &amp; Proper will feature experts who can shed light on what the Framers envisioned for the legislative branch and how it can be restored to its proper place in the constitutional order.</p>

By The Federalist Society

RTP's Free Lunch Podcast show

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The Regulatory Transparency Project (RTP) seeks to identify and bring attention to the excesses of the administrative state in this country. All too often, over-regulation of the economy stifles innovation, productivity, opportunity and ultimately, the American Dream. We want people to look at regulations which are burdensome and extremely inefficient and not simply submit to them as the cost of doing business but, rather, look for real and concrete ways to change them for the better. The RTP is a years-long endeavor designed to reach and to educate a broad audience. The purpose, in part, is to illustrate that regulatory excess is not a partisan issue but, a good government issue. We believe that such an approach can lead to both immediate change and, more importantly, development of a healthy societal understanding of both the benefits and costs of regulation.

By The Federalist Society

The Sunshine Economy | WLRN show

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The Sunshine Economy, takes a fresh look at the key industries transforming South Florida into a regional powerhouse. From investments in health care, storm preparedness, international trade, real estate and technology based start-ups, tune in to learn more about one of the worlds most vibrant and diverse economies.

By Mihail Halatchev


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#SundayCivics teaches civic education and engagement using current political issues. Hosted by national political strategist L. Joy Williams, the show features interviews with advocates, elected officials and everyday citizens who take civic action in their communities. Listen and learn the civics lesson you missed in school. To learn more, visit and follow on Twitter and Facebook at @SundayCivics

By L. Joy Williams

Creative Libraries Utah--Evil Librarians show

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A podcast focusing on everyday librarians and their libraries.

By Evil Librarians--Dustin Fife and Tegan Davis

Missio Dei Church show

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Missio Dei Church is a new church plant in Glassboro, NJ. We're seeking to reach our community by meeting needs, giving Jesus, and teaching the Word. Join us!

By Justin Gruber

MOAS show

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The Migrant Offshore Aid Station formed in 2014 and has been saving the lives of men, women and children making the perilous Mediterranean sea crossing ever since. This podcast wants to engage you in what MOAS does, to learn about why the people we save make the crossing and importantly, to hear from the people themselves.


Submarine Sea Stories | Ever wonder what it's like to spend the cold war under water with 100 other guys? show

Submarine Sea Stories | Ever wonder what it's like to spend the cold war under water with 100 other guys?Join Now to Follow

During the height of the cold war when Ronald Regan called the Soviet Union the evil empire, Bill Nowicki was in the Navy. He was a nuclear-trained electrician's mate aboard the Los Angeles class fast attack submarine, the USS Minneapolis / St. Paul (SSN 708) with 100 highly trained shipmates. These are the memories of those difficult (and sometimes hilarious) times told by the men who depended on one another for their lives.

By First podcast to feature the amazing stories of life aboard a submarine! By Navy Veteran, Bill Nowicki