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other peoples memories show

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found footage. 8mm home movies of complete strangers from the 1950's, 60's and 70's. An intimate look into another time and place

By oilyfilms

CultureDogs show

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A weekly film discussion radio program - splitting its focus between irreverent news updates (regarding new theatrical releases and video releases) and oftentimes reverent reviews of current films. Whether arty, trashy, independent or codependent, we try to give everything a fair shot. Unless it's a film such as Closer or Gods and Generals, in which case we shoot it into space for the good of mankind.

The Theater of the Mind show

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The Theater of the Mind combines musical theater, old-time radio, and the internet. The phrase, Theater of the Mind, is borrowed from old-time radio, where it was used to denote the idea that radio, because it is an invisible medium, engages one's imagination more actively than staged theater. In other words, such performances are thought of as playing upon the stage of one's imagination. The pieces featured on The Theater of the Mind are one-person shows that Daniel H. Foster has adapted, scored, and performed. Tune in on the ifrst of each month for a new show.

By Daniel H. Foster

Chicken Fried Radio show

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Looking for a weekly dose of smart, weird, irreverent, fast-paced, PODCAST humor? You've found it! CHICKEN FRIED RADIO features the continuing misadventures of T.E. and Ryan, two Austin, Texas hipsters. Tune in as they deconstruct the week's weird news items, review websites from the Internet's seedy back alleys, and indulge in the occasional political rant. Now with 14% more poop jokes!

By Chicken Fried Radio

GamesFirst! Weekly Wrap-Up show

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The GamesFirst! Podcast offers a weekly wrap-up of the latest gaming news, reviews, and previews posted on, which has been offering independent videogame coverage since 1995. Hosted by Val Townsend, the Atomic Goddess, the GF! Podcast comes out weekly.

IV Podcast - Your guide to the voice-over marketplace show

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The IV Podcast is your guide to the voice-over marketplace. Each episode will begin with news and current voice-over events in a segment called The Loop. Then, we'll dive into business development and hot trends that will set you apart as a professional voice-over talent. Next on the list is Tech Talk, a segment where our team will review products and guide you through the technological landscape. Lastly, InteractiveVoices will answer your questions pertaining to the voice-over marketplace in a segment called VoxBox.

The Pulsing Cinema show

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From John Ford to John Waters, from the arthouse to the grindhouse, it's all covered in the weird and untamed audio excursion into madness known as The Pulsing Cinema.

BFBS Multimedia show

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Multimedia is a monthly 30 minute radio show on computers, the internet and new technology. Presented by Dave Raven and Mark Phillips