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Core-Resourcing Goal Setting Teleseminar show

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In this teleseminar I interview David Martin, top performance coach, on why people sometimes are not able to get what they want in life and why traditional goal setting does not work. David explains how our values and beliefs underpin how we go about achieving our goals and how they strongly influence our ability to get what we want in life. Recommended listening for anyone interested in goal setting success, personal development, self improvement, time management or indeed stress management. The interview is a little under 1 hour in length and contains several free exercises for people to make use of immediately. show

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You've reached a time in your life that, when you were in your teens and twenties, you didn't even think about ever reaching. But, now you're here. Most of us, or at least I think most of us, don't have an image of ourselves as old. That is, until we try to do something that we find is much more challenging than it once was, like lifting something or moving something. Then we get a new reality.

Spiritual Exploration show

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I am Christine Schiavone and Welcome to “Spiritual Exploration”. I have been producing and hosting this show in the facilities of my local TV station since 1999. My purpose for producing and hosting “Spiritual Exploration” is to bring all types of spiritual topics and information to as many people as I can reach. From chakras to crystals, clairvoyance to meditation and holistic healing, etc... It is not a show about religion but spirituality, metaphysical and esoteric topics although I did some shows about unconventional religion like Paganism and Buddhism. I hope that it will quench your thirst for spiritual knowledge and will help you in your quest. Have a good trip on the journey of spiritual discovery!

Bella Medspa Laser Hair Removal Testimonials show

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Last week we asked Jen, one of our customers, to come into BEN FM 95.7 to record a testimonial about her experience with Bella Medspa Laser Hair Removal. She graciously agreed and the recording is airing on BEN this month.

bionoricasinupret's Podcast show

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This segment brought to you by Sinupret for Kids and Dr. Bob Sears, this segment of the podcast covers the topics of children’s dietary needs and whether or not to give children juice.

By sarah conn

Knowledge Is Necessity - Musings on Mental Health show

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Award-winning journalist and advocate John McManamy\'s latest outreach to the mental health community.

sinupret08's Podcast show

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In this segment Dr. Bob Sears answers parents questions about how to best keep a young child in his/her own bed at night, Sinupret for Kids, and how to best deal with bad behavior in toddlers. This segment is sponsored by Sinupret for Kids

By alex lara

Build Muscle And Six Pack Abs show

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How to build muscle and burn fat with fat loss workout routines and muscle building bodybuilding programs

Sinupret for Kids Podcast 1 show

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This episode is brought to you by Dr. Bob Sears a supporter of Sinupret for Kids. You can learn more about Sinupret by visiting

UnBreak Your Health with Alan Smith, author of the award-winning UnBreak Your Health (from Loving Healing Press) show

UnBreak Your Health with Alan Smith, author of the award-winning UnBreak Your Health (from Loving Healing Press)Join Now to Follow

Discover a world of better health with the award-winning author of UnBreak Your Health, Alan Smith, as he interviews leades in the world of complementary and alternative therapies.

By Alan Smith