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Machinima Top Gaming show

Machinima Top GamingJoin Now to Follow is the premier online entertainment network, showing trailers, gameplay, montages, and original series created from your favorite video games. Watch the latest gamplay footage and new shows, like “Headshot”, from the palm of your hand.

By Machinima Inc.

Machinima Respawn show

Machinima RespawnJoin Now to Follow

The Machinima Respawn podcast is fueled by's expansive community of gamers and is dedicated to providing kick-ass and entertaining gameplay videos. Here you'll find a wide variety of content that includes brand new shows from, cheats and tips, walkthrough videos, exciting clan battle matches, the world's most impressive gameplay clips and much, much more.

By Machinima Respawn - 1UP Radio show - 1UP RadioJoin Now to Follow

1UP Radio is the leading voice of the videogame community. Powered by the editors and personalities of the 1UP Network, the 1UP Radio podcast family covers the games industry from every possible angle. Start your week with the humor and insight of EGM Live* and GFW Radio, and continue on with the accessible, yet knowledgable Legendary Thread, Sports Anamoly and Retronauts. Then start your weekend right with 1UP Yours, the definitive videogame talk show. With multiple new episodes hitting every week, 1UP Radio is all you need to feed your gaming fix.

By 1UP Staff - Broken Pixels show - Broken PixelsJoin Now to Follow

Broken Pixel's is a whenever-we-feel-like-making-it show staring 1UP Network editors Crispin Boyer and Shane Bettenhausen plus TV's Seanbaby (along with other people, sometimes). They play games that are usually really bad, like incredibly so bad that they kind of become good again, but not totally. Jokes are made, swears are sworn, easily offended people are profoundly offended, and then they leave angry comments, below!

By 1UP Staff

99Vidas - Nostalgia e Videogames show

99Vidas - Nostalgia e VideogamesJoin Now to Follow

Nostalgia, diversão e muita opinião sobre videogames. Toda semana (sexta) trazemos uma conversa descontraída sobre videogames do passado e a nostalgia dos anos 80 e 90. Junte-se a nós!


#WeNerdHard | #TWIBnation show

#WeNerdHard | #TWIBnationJoin Now to Follow

#TheNerdery comes to you live every Wednesday and Sunday talking games, tech, media and general awesome. Hosted by Elon James White and Featuring Tatiana King, Aaron Rand Freeman and Fahnon Bennett

By The Brooklyn Comedy Company Videos (HD) show Videos (HD)Join Now to Follow

Gaming videos from your friendly neighbourhood team. Check out our gameplay footage and Extended Play series, get up to scratch on the latest releases with our video reviews and more!

By Staff

The KBMOD Podcast show

The KBMOD PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Keyboard + Mouse or Die! The official podcast! Hosted by Scott (Aplfisher), Dan (NipNops), Brandon (vol1tion), John (Synwyn), and Nick (NFEN). Expect PC-centered gaming and technology discussion with a humorous twist only we can deliver.


PC Gamer show

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The official podcast of PC Gamer, the number one source of PC gaming news & reviews.

By PC Gamer

Cardboard Connection Radio show

Cardboard Connection RadioJoin Now to Follow

Tune in for your fix of trading card talk. It's the official Cardboard Connection radio show with your hosts Doug Cataldo, Russ Cohen, David Wright and the Voice of the Collector - Rob Bertrand! We cover the entire industry including Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Entertainment and more. Listen to interviews with industry pros, popular athletes, entertainment stars and fellow collectors. Now twice a week. Listen Wednesdays and Fridays at 10 pm EST. And be sure to check out our archives right here at BlogtalkRadio and on iTunes. Visit for all of your trading cards needs.

By Cardboard Connection Radio