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OPAL - Online Programming for All Libraries show

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OPAL is libraries providing programs on the Internet for readers including book discussions, interviews, how-tos and training sessions, and more.

Keichu Chronicles show

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Topics of interest to martial artists and karateka, especially those involved or interested in the multi-faceted, comprehensive art of Keichu-Do. This podcast is brought to you by Five Cities Keichu-Do, which teaches family-centered martial arts in Grover Beach, California. Visit our website at or email

By Rebecca Prewett

The LD Podcast show

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A podcast by parents, for parents of children with learning disabilities. Wetalk about a range of learning disabilities, from ADHD and Dyslexia to children on the autism spectrum. We also discuss learning, and give parents strategies to help make any child successful in school.

How Stepfamilies Survive & Thrive show

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Stepfamily Talk Radio interviews parenting experts and parents, providing practical advice about parenting in stepfamilies. Topics include Defining Your Role As Stepparent and Stepmom Survival.

Take-Charge Living show

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Take-Charge Living is a podcast series based upon the book Take-Charge Living by Marion Kramer Jacobs Ph.D. The Series is hosted by life enhancement expert Allan Hunkin Take Charge Living is a dynamic self-help program that really works for people who need to make a change in their lives. Whatever your problem—relationships, communication, work, assertion, anger, unhealthy habits—if fear and indecision have been keeping you from dealing with it effectively, Take-Charge Living, is your step-by-step roadmap to how to live a happier, more empowered life


Nature Cures Clinic Health Chat show

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Drs. Greg Eckel and Greg Nigh, naturopathic physicians and licensed acupuncturists, discuss a wide range of topics related to health and disease. They also answer medical questions submitted to by listeners. Drs. Eckel and Nigh are primary care physicians at Nature Cures Clinic in Portland, Oregon. They are experts in alternative and complementary health care. Every week in their program they offer a unique viewpoint on health and health care.

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Listen to Oprah's pledge to catch child predators and The Security Podcasting Systems tips on how to protect your children from molesters. Also what traits adults should watch for in other adults to identify molesters.

8Quotes show

8QuotesJoin Now to Follow produces a regular audio podcast which features 8 motivational or famous quotes.


Dilworth Paxson LLP Labor and Employment Law Podcast show

Dilworth Paxson LLP Labor and Employment Law PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Dilworth Paxson attorney Eric Meyer discusses issues related to Labor and Employment law

EarthNews Journal » Podcast Feed show

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EarthNews Radio is a daily 90-second feature podcast focusing on news and information about science and the environment. The podcast is also distributed on CBS Radio and Sirrus. The program’s goal is to capture the general public’s interest in these areas so they’ll be inspired to turn information to action. visit us at

By Jerry Kay/Media Interchange