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Pop Goes the Culture! show

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<p>Susie Watson, trend analyst and pop culture pundit teams up with<BR>political cartoonist Barbara Luhring. Together they tear through the<BR>real and manufactured trends in pop culture today. Listen in!

Weaver's Web - A production show

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A presentation:Betrayal by one you love is the cruelest cut of all. And when the Lord of Crisfell betrays it is done on a grand scale. Ashi'mei Candre feels her life is destroyed in that instant, but her love's betrayal goes far further- he is sacrificing his own people. Amongst the islands of Crisfell, honour and clan is everything, but that may also be their undoing. A dark secret from the past will now come back with a vengeance, and Ashi'mei must put her own troubles aside to face this greater danger. For over the dark sea is a menace of flesh and hunger, which having been turned back once, is only more determined to remake Crisfell in its image. When the danger comes from within as well as without, Ashi'mei's world is doomed. And yet there are two from beyond the island who may help, one a passionate young man from their traditional enemy, and the other a compelling creature with mastery of the flesh to rival the menace beyond the sea. With friends and clan her only hope, the time to stand and fight has come. Ashi'mei must search within herself for salvation for her people, face her darkest fears, and risk everything she loves.

AmerIndian 2192 - A production show

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A presentation:AmerIndian 2192 is a science-fiction novel that explores the intriguing possibilities of Native Americans in mankind's star flung future. AmerIndian 2192 presents the story of two brothers, Wovoka and Keokuk, restoring the Native American people to a Homeland where their vibrant culture can thrive. Lodge ships, Cybershaman rituals and Tsimshian high technology are all elements in this action-oriented tale of interstellar politics and personal struggles.

Spherical Tomi: A Novel of Despair - A production show

Spherical Tomi: A Novel of Despair - A productionJoin Now to Follow

A presentation: "Star Wars is over. Star Trek is dead. In Spherical Tomi, Jack Mangan has opened up a new frontier."- Ernest Hogan, author of Smoking Mirror BluesA top-secret AI project.A deadly power struggle between warlords.Tomi was once lead combat programmer for the Shogun Ryogi, on the front lines of his conflict against President William the Black of Cerberus. When she failed to prevent William from killing the samurai she loved, she abandoned all sides, all loyalties, all hope. In her fury, Tomi destroyed the Greatship, Hades IV, and almost everyone onboard. Almost everyone. . .William the Black escaped with his life.She now hides out in a remote monastery, awaiting the day when she can kill the three she holds responsible for the death of her samurai: William, Ryogi, and herself. . .With her real body in exile, Tomi's consciousness inhabits a deteriorating clone body on a satellite around Cerberus. She's lived and worked incognito in orbit for almost three years now, monitoring the planet's subspace debris cleanup.But some histories will not stay buried.Tomi again finds herself in the crossfire when Ryogi's forces ambush the Presidential shuttle in her sector.Ryogi's samurai have pirated remote control of her satellite's store of dormant clone bodies; his combat programmers fight her for the station's computers, while the planet's extrasphere swarms with deadly smart-mines. Will she be able to protect the President's shuttle to secure her own vengeance? Will she be able to hold her satellite together? Or will Tomi abandon it all and give in to despair?"Spherical Tomi" is an action-packed tale of deception, revenge, redemption, fragmented identity, and the limitations of the human and artificial mind.

FOO Casts: Podcasts from O'Reilly and Friends show

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Podcasts from O'Reilly and Friends

By O'Reilly Media, Inc.

Distributing the Future show

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"Distributing the Future" is O'Reilly Media's weekly podcast featuring the technology and the people behind what you use now and what you'll use next. This half hour program includes interviews and commentary on science, technology, related social issues, and just plain fun.

At OurCoolHouse - Energy Efficient Home design show

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If you have an eye on the environment, or are concerned about the rising cost of energy; Phil Malone describes a selection of energy efficient techniques that can be applied to residential home design. Phil has applied his Embedded Software and Physics training to design and build an energy efficient home in the mountains of Western Maryland. Phil's home is fully instrumented, and it publishes live data to his website.

Current Science &amp; Technology Podcast show

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From the Museum of Science in Boston. Podcasting an in-depth look at the latest in science and technology.

Chillin' with Lovespirals show

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Join Anji Bee and Ryan Lum of the Southern California independent electro-acoustic band, Lovespirals -- and Live365 female fronted electronica internet radio station, Chillcuts -- as they discuss trends in music and technology, behind the scenes band activities, answer fan questions, chat with in-studio guests, share music from the Chillcuts library, and more.

Mandocasts (Podcasts from Mandorichard) show

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My "mandocasts" will typically be short pieces: reviews of movies, restaurants, books, hardware, software, or anything else I decide to review; observations about life, especially as it pertains to technology's role; performances by a band with which I'm performing; and who knows what else. Look for new episodes of this Podcast in the iTunes Music Store every 5 to 10 days.

By Richard Gordon