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P.O.V. with David W. Torrence show

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P.O.V. with David Torrence is a weekly podcast exploring themes of...ummm...err..lots of things. Whatever's damn well on my mind that week! AND, to top it off, when I get tired of talking... I'll play MUSIC! From 70s disco to Duran Duran, from rare Beatles tracks to Peter Sellers doing the "Ying Tong Song". Prepare to simply have an interesting ride. Best viewed on Firefox browsers!

By David W. Torrence

KCRW's The Treatment show

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A "treatment," in Hollywood parlance, is a concise overview of a screenplay. On THE TREATMENT, film critic Elvis Mitchell turns the tables and gives the "treatment" to some of the most influential and innovative forces creating movies and popular art and entertainment. <P> Each week, Elvis speaks with an amazing array of guests, discussing everything from their inner conflicts to their interior design. With a straightforward style that understates his vast knowledge, Elvis is able to extract insights, issues and inspirations from even the most introverted guests. Conversations on THE TREATMENT are mostly comfortable, sometimes contentious, but always fascinating.

MicroER Podcast show

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Welcome to the Micro Emergency Room where we talk about repairs, customizing, and general discussions on Micronaut, Microman, Interchangbles and many other toy lines.

Scoreboard Toasters show

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This Podcasts talks about random stuff. Email me at with suggestions and comments.

Music on Film show

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A weekly podcast about film and television music. Regular features include reviews of new CDs, news and interviews with composers. Do names like John Williams, Danny Elfman and Howard Shore pique your interest? Then this is your podcast!

Movie Reviews That Matter show

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Movie Reviews by young people.

NLNtv Video Trailers show

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International TV trailers in many languages

By NLN tv

UrbanJonez : Freestyle by Design show

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UrbanJonez is Freestyle by Design. We discuss the finest elements of music, madness, photoshop, hilarity, free speech, beer, politics, spirituality, tshirts, and babes.

TV Talk Podcast show

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The latest in TV Shows, News and more.

Tony Mark Podcast of Filmmaking and Short Films show

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Filmmaker Tony Mark's Film Site. New films uploaded weekly!

By tony mark