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Shootin The Shit show

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A show about whatever! Join Jason, James and Elliot on their weekly podcast about films, television, Youtube and the internet. Also stay tuned for the three word review and the question of the week!

Rednecks TV show

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All the news that not fit to use. A humorous look at tech news and trends from a redneck\'s point of view!

Miller Man Laws show

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Burt Reynolds, Jerome Bettis and other celebs/athletes in outtakes talking about Man Laws.

By Men of the Square Table

Flopod show

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Flo vous offre ses delires du moment. Retrouvez ses montages sonores issus d'emissions de radios, et ses podcasts originaux humoristiques.

Three Idiots and a Podcast show

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Three Idiots and a Podcast! The podcast about everything and nothing. We discuss things that come up, and pretty much fool around! But come on, Give us a chance....we think that you'll like it..

The Swashbucklers show

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A couple of domr dudes going to college, pillaging, plundering and stealing all the booty in an intellectual atmosphere, talking about anything and every thing that students deal with or think about.

Strange Brood show

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This podcast features three guys making you laugh with entertainment news, political blunders, "Dr. Phil's Ass-Chappers", new music, man-on-the-street interviews, sports, and the infamous weekly ill-advised trombone duet. You can expect the unexpected... ...unless you expect funny. You'll get a crapload of that.

Somebody Scream Podcast show

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Somebody Scream Podcast is a once-a-week podcast that delivers the listeners safely from ther complex lives, into a comforting place of shouting and ranting. It's just like the family dinner table! Every week, when downloaded, it'll take a nice stab at your hypothalamus.

Somerset Chat PodCast : Somerset, Kentucky show

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Hello everyone and thanks for logging into our site. We are Southeastern Kentuckys first podcast. The show is catered around local events, people in the news, and general humor of just things going on that we see while traveling through this part of the state of Kentucky. Believe me, some of the things that we see and hear are pretty crazy and hilarious, and we hope that you are entertained by our humor. The hosts of this site are Jason and Adam both of Somerset, KY. We look forward to hearing feedback from you as well.

SKD - MySpace Blog show

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Four Funny California Boys in Funny Skits