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Tequila and Champagne Pod show

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Dallas Fly meets Baltimore Slick. Shae and Pablo come to you each week with the raw truth that only two friends can bring. It can go anywhere from dirty little secrets to Pablo trying to find Shae a man. They answer questions from the listeners and once a month there is a Tequila episode where they have drinks and get deep. They are strong, smooth, and go down easy, just like Tequila and Champagne.

By Tequila and Champagne Pod

Nick the Rat show

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A paranoid cartoon rat that plays music on a paranormal podcast. Also takes calls! 1-917-719-5923

By Nick the Rat

Behind the SchƎmƎs show

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<p>You can't spell the New Abnormal w/o NWO</p>

By Behind The Sch3m3s

Mr. Goodbeer show

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The concept here is simple; three guys, several beers and moral dilemma questions. As you can probably guess, this combo can get a little... farcical?

By The Podcast

OH NO Disc Golf  show

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Like, Subscribe and Review! The OH NO Disc Golf podcast is a conversation between two best friends who love disc golf and talking about it. This disc golf podcast is all about fun, there will be games, laughs and a whole lot more. New episodes every Wednesday until we die. Use code OHNO10 for 10% off over at Use code OHNO20 for 20% off over at Use code OHNO for free shipping at our merch store Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By OH NO Disc Golf

Generally Spooky Podcast show

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Scotland’s history is full of spooky stories, ghoulish goings-on and magical mysteries. Join Highlander husband-and-wife team, Kieran and Eilidh, as they dive into the myths and legends of their homeland once a week. If you love learning about history, like settling in to listen to a good story, or just enjoy getting a little spooked, then this is the podcast for you.

By Generally Spooky

Quarterlife Quandary show

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Chatting about all topics of life, friends, family, relationships, current events, past experiences and anything between them in the Quarter-life quandary. The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious and should be viewed as comedic satire. Credits: cover art - Paweł Czerwiński theme song: All Good Folks - Swing it

By quarterlife quandary

What The Flip Podcast show

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Hilarious (and EXPLICIT) conversations about Games, Movies, Anime, Comics, Unexplained Mysteries and more!

By Alex

Care of Magical Shippers: A Harry Potter Ship Culture Podcast show

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Join Megs and Nathan as we dive into the when, why, and how of your favourite Harry Potter ships! From OTPs to the rarest of the rare, we are ready to get ship-wrecked! FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr: Website: Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By Megs Makes Media

OK Boomer show

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With a comedic bent, Boomer and his spastic sidekick Jimmy Ahmahdoofous, converse with people about their unusual professions.

By Thomas Nance