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Desert Island Discs Archive: 1966-1970 show

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Castaways choose eight records, a book and a luxury to take with them to the mythical desert island. Full listings can be found on the Desert Island Discs website. Archive episodes are broadcast on Radio 4 Extra, Wednesdays 10.00 and Sundays 10.00.

By BBC Radio 4

SpoonFed Audio show

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This segment will feature original mixes by myself as well as interviews with prominent artists and up and comers here in the music industry. I will also feature music from some of my personal favorites so I hope you enjoy.

By Spoon Guy

Thinking Sideways Podcast show

Thinking Sideways PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Devin, Joe and Steve have always been curious. Though they don’t have any formal education to guide them, they sit down every week to discuss unsolved mysteries of all kinds: weird noises, strange website and horrific suicides that look a lot like murders. They take a skeptical approach, but never discount the truly odd nature of the world.

By Thinking Sideways Podcast

狗熊有话说 show

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独立知识型脱口秀,更有观点地看世界! 播客官网 联系邮箱

By 大狗熊

Accessibility Solutions show

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Did you know that persons with disabilities make up to 22% of the population? This rises to 40% of the population over the age of 65. This is a market that no business can afford to ignore. Welcome to the Accessibility Solutions podcast, where we explore the intersection of accessibility, business success, and a more inclusive society. In this show, we discuss how making the world accessible is not only good for business but also a fundamental right for all individuals. Join Linda Hunt, an award-winning Accessibility Consultant, Speaker, and Author. Linda is the CEO of Accessibility Solutions, an accessibility consulting firm that aids businesses and organizations to remedy barriers for Persons with Disabilities. She is an advocate for all things related to accessibility, and a passionate champion for the rights of persons with disabilities. As the Treasurer of Citizens with Disabilities - Ontario and a member of The Rick Hansen Foundation - Accessibility Professional Network, Linda brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our discussions. Through engaging conversations, Linda shares her expertise, practical tips, and inspiring stories to help businesses become more accessible and inclusive. Each episode is designed to empower you with the tools, ideas, and inspiration needed to create an environment that welcomes everyone and drives business success. As a certified Community Champion on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its Optional Protocol, Linda brings a unique perspective to the podcast. Having personally experienced disability since 2004, she understands the challenges and opportunities that accessibility presents. Join us on this transformative journey as Linda, an engaging speaker on various accessibility topics, guides us towards a world free of barriers. Together, let's build a society where equal access and inclusion are the norm. Tune in to the Accessibility Solutions podcast and discover the profound impact of accessibility on businesses and the economy and why we should all be working towards Making the World Accessible.

By Linda Hunt

SmarterMarkets™ show

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What are SmarterMarkets? They leverage technology to create markets that are more liquid, transparent, and secure, with lower transactions costs and fewer barriers to entry. Markets that empower individuals to improve their own lives and help us address the biggest challenges that we face as a society — including climate change and the energy transition. How do we build SmarterMarkets? We’re starting with our weekly podcast exploring how both markets and technology can be redesigned to better serve market participants and society as a whole. The podcast, presented by Abaxx Technologies, brings together the entrepreneurs, icons, and executives of commodities, capital markets and technology to rant on the inadequacies of our systems and riff on ideas for how to improve them.

By Abaxx Technologies Inc.

Radio 3 Essay show

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Authored essays from leading writers on arts, history, philosophy, science, religion and beyond, themed across a week. Each episode is full of insight, opinion and intellectual surprise from one expert voice. The Essay is broadcast on BBC Radio 3 Monday to Friday 10.45pm. We aim to include as many episodes of The Essay in the podcast as we can but you'll find that some aren't included for rights reasons.

By BBC Radio 3

The 6570 Family Project show

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If you are a parent of a tween, teen or somewhere on the way, this is exactly the place for you! This is the playground for parents who want to raise their kids with intention, strength and joy to come and hear all the discussions, get all the tactics and have lots of laughs along the way! We will dive into the real challenges in raising kids today and how to show up as parents AND teach your kids to show up as members of the family and individuals in the world. My name is Nellie Harden. Big city girl turned small town, front porch, iced tea sippin’ momma who loves igniting transformation in the hearts and minds of families by helping them build Self-Led Discipline™ and Leadership to elevate the family experience and set the kids up with a rock solid foundation they can launch their life on all before they even leave home!

By Nellie Harden

Desert Island Discs Archive: 1981-1985 show

Desert Island Discs Archive: 1981-1985Join Now to Follow

Castaways choose eight records, a book and a luxury to take with them to the mythical desert island. Full listings can be found on the Desert Island Discs website. Archive episodes are broadcast on Radio 4 Extra, Wednesdays 10.00 and Sundays 10.00.

By BBC Radio 4

The Adventures of Danny and Mike show

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A weekly offering of adventure and fun featuring those infinite children Danny Tamberelli (@dtamberelli) and Michael C. Maronna (@michaelcmaronna ) (The Adventures of Pete & Pete). Hosted/Produced by Jeremy Balon (@remybalon) at @SeltzerKings Studios and a part of the Last Podcast Network (@lastpodnetwork)

By Jeremy Balon, Danny Tamberelli, Michael C. Maronna