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These Things Matter Podcast show

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Join hosts Kevin O'Brien and Taylor Gonda as they discuss things that matter, e.g. music, movies, books, and TV. We talk to guests and each other about pop culture and its never ending impact on our lives.

By Kevin O'Brien and Taylor Gonda

TBS RADIO たまむすび show

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世の中をパ~ッと明るく!いちごを摘みながら聞いている農家のおばちゃんが、 笑って思わずいちごを落としちゃうような(笑)一日一爆笑!トーク&バラエティー“たまむすび”。TBSラジオで毎週月~金 13時00から放送!メールは


Atomic Trivia War 9000 show

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Who invented Godzilla? What was Cobra Commander's real name? List three movies starring Pete Postlethwaite.<br> If you can answer those questions, we want to enlist YOU in the ATOMIC TRIVIA WAR 9000, a glorious fight for the very future of Earth. The war isn't waged with guns or tanks, but with facts and figures, pop culture references, and a big dose of geekery. Join Jason, Omar, Ro, Kevin, and a host of guest contestants as they battle weekly. There's no points and no Googling, just head-to-head trivia combat. This isn't a mild seismic activity quiz challenge. This is Atomic Trivia War 9000!

By Simply Syndicated

Les Stroud's Video Blog show

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Check out Les as he takes you to different places all over the world. He continues to live his adventurous life of trekking in the jungles and the High Arctic, rockin’ on stage with performers like Alice Cooper, diving in the oceans with the deadliest preadators or working and living 'Off the Grid'.

By Les Stroud Productions

net@night (Video LO) show

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Live from Canada, California, and around the world... What's happening on the 'net right now? Amber MacArthur spends every waking moment combing the net for cool sites, viral videos, and funny and moving moments online and she shares them with us every week. Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.


George Acosta - Lost World (The Podcast) show

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International DJ legend George Acosta brings you Lost World (The Podcast). Catch Lost World on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio every Thursday @ 11PM ET and replay on Sunday @ 9PM ET on Sirius Area 38 / XM 80.

By George Acosta and Sirius/XM

Queen and Crone Podcast » episodes show

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Every Thursday, a brand new episode. Every Friday, a Vintage episode. This eclectic podcast features true stories, satire, sketch, improv, and audiodrama.

By Sage Tyrtle

Trailbreakers from CBC Radio show

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Trailbreakers tells stories about Aboriginal people who are breaking new ground in their communities to solve long-standing problems that are holding back all of Canada. It is the spirit of reconciliation in action, building a stronger Canada for all Canadians. With Reconciliation in the air, Trailblazers looks at emerging intersections between Canada and its First peoples.

By CBC Radio

Gnostic Media show

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Gnostic Media is open-source, independent media. Here the word ‘gnostic’ pertains to knowledge and not necessarily dogmatic ‘Gnostic’ teachings. The word gnostic has its origins in the word ‘knowledge’ or ‘to know’ [a. Gr. γνῶσις investigation, knowledge, f. γνω- root of γιγνώσκειν to know.].<br> <br> Topics of investigation include: education and the 7 liberal arts (the trivium and quadrivium), mythology, theology, psychedelics, mind control, archaeoastronomy, politics, economics, philosophy, physics, consciousness, diet, health, law and natural law, human rights, and much more...<br>

By Jan Irvin

C'est la vie's Word of the Week from CBC Radio show

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CBC Radio's C'est la vie's Word of the Week is a window into the life of French-speaking Canadians -- one word at a time. In repeats over the summer.

By CBC Radio