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That Creativity Podcast » Podcast show

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Painter and Video Game artist Justin Kunz teams up with Jon Woodbury, a Photographer and Entrepreneur to discuss the ins and outs of creativity. How do you become a more creative thinker and apply it to the important areas of your life? Join Jon and Justin and myriad interesting guests as they bring the creative mindset to everyone.

By Jon Woodbury and Justin Kunz

Startup Chat show

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Join Dan and Alex for a live online business growth podcast every Wednesday from 4PM PST

By Dan Norris & Alex McClafferty

The Travel Blogging Podcast | show

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Learn the best techniques and how to be successful in the travel blogging industry from other travel bloggers and gurus of the industry. This podcast was created to suppport our travel bloggers community on their travel blogging journey. Before Travelling is a travel bloggers community that created a space for Travel Bloggers to develop their skills and become better travel bloggers, create a successful business, create great strong relationships in the industry and access all tools required for their trips. We have the mission of bringing all the best travel information together helping grow travel bloggers and being a source of information connecting audiences with travel bloggers, independent travellers and travel businesses all in one place.

By The Travel Blogging Podcast |

Trade What You See - show

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Larry Pesavento covers the markets using pattern recognition, astrology, and more!

By TFNN, Corp.

The Traders Edge - show

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Steve Rhodes analyzes the market and shows how to improve your trading and your life.

By TFNN, Corp.

LionSage: Brand Building for Young Professionals show

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The LionSage podcast is dedicated to helping young professionals build a brand, make an impact, and change the world.

By Arfan Qureshi

Mindset Matters  show

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Mindset Matters is a podcast dedicated to exploring how your thoughts, attitudes and perceptions can inspire you to take action to enrich your life and the lives of others. We’re going to explore how mindset affects all aspects of your life – including your health, relationships, productivity and performance. There is remarkable new science that reveals how your brain works and how you can better work your brain with a more productive mindset, consciously changing the way you think and perceive to feel more focused, energized, loving, compassionate, creative, innovative and productive. Your mindset affects your performance – at work, or in sports or at school – we’ll talk about how you can learn how to change your mindset to navigate stress better so it doesn’t distract you as much at work, school or at home. We’ll also talk about how you can get more done in less time and work better with others. We will also discuss how your mindset can help rewire your brain for wellness – by being more mindful about how you eat or adopting a healthy lifestyle. It’s my honor to invite you on this journey, where I will offer you thoughts and ideas from many of our great leaders and experts today, so you can have the tools to change your mindset and very possibly, change your life.

By Daniel Friedland, MD: Leadership Trainer and Expert in Health, Wellness and Peak Performance

Presentation Skills For Design Students: Careers, Communication, Public Speaking show

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Are you a design student or graduate who wants to succeed in the professional world? Well this podcast is for you! I'm Christina Canters, a former architect, and I'm passionate about helping people discover how to get noticed, land their dream job and have successful careers. (Hint: it's all about being able to speak, present and communicate like a boss!) Whether you do architecture, interior design, fashion, landscape, industrial design, graphics, illustration, fine art, photography...listen in to start your journey towards becoming a confident, creative communicator!

By Christina Canters

Marketing Stuff You Should Know show

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A single easy-to-remember marketing concept designed to keep you sharp and delivered in a minute or two. If you're looking for a quick but very powerful message that will keep you thinking all day long then this podcast is for you.

By Jeff Dyson

The App Battle Podcast show

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Two appreneurs battle it out to see who can develop a better app for just $1,000. Join Steve Young and Gabriel Machuret as they document their entire app development process - from idea generation to validation to development and finally marketing the app. If you've ever wanted to build your first iPhone app, then this is the podcast for you.

By The App Battle Podcast