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Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast show

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Information, support, and inspiration for yoga teachers. Topics include the business of yoga, teaching skills, philosophy, ethical and legal considerations, and more.

By Mado Hesselink

Learned Heard & Stirred show

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Nutrition is a young science, it's complicated, and it's personal. This podcast tackles import social conversations around Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size, food and health access, and why "health" isn't one-size-fits-all. This podcast isn't about truth (science isn't built on facts--it's an exploration of the world and living organisms that inhabit it), it's about nuance-- embracing the gray; asking questions; interpreting the research from a neutral place; and finding what "health" means for us along the way. Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By Chanel Kenner

The Roving Mic show

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The Roving Mic takes podcasting as you know it and puts it on the road, into the forest, on the water and about as far away from the studio as you can get. This is about meeting real character’s in their real environment. Whether it be on the beach, at a bar, on the streets of New York or the wilds of Tasmania, The Roving Mic is hitting the road.

By Hayden Quinn

Harvesting Happiness show

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Harvesting Happiness with Lisa Cypers Kamen broadcasts consciously prepared brain food from the beaches of Malibu, California and on-location. HHTR promotes happiness, well-being and global human flourishing with a diverse and proactive collection of the greatest thought leaders and change agents who are devoting their lives to creating a better world in which to live. Each episode focuses on personal-growth, human-interest, self-improvement, healthy lifestyle and positive psycho-social education.

By Lisa Cypers Kamen

Hurdle show

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Weekly doses inspiration from badass humans who got through tough times, leaning into wellness as an outlet. From top CEOs to average Joes, Hurdle brings you their stories, the lessons they learned, and hopefully gives you the push you need to live a healthier, happier, more motivated life.

By Emily Abbate

The Fitness Business Podcast with Erin Dimond and Jordan Dugger show

The Fitness Business Podcast with Erin Dimond and Jordan DuggerJoin Now to Follow

If you’re a fitness professional, entrepreneur, or just a fitness enthusiast who has a deep appreciation for the science of not only getting results for your body; but how to market, communicate, sell, influence, and lead, then the Fitness Business Podcast, hosted by Erin Dimond and Jordan Dugger is for you. Erin and Jordan are owners of Transform 4Ever Systems, a 7-Figure Online Fitness Coaching Company, that is known for solving the problems that other coaches fail. Along with that, they own Impact Fitness Coaching Academy, a 7+ Figure All-In-One Accelerator for coaches, personal trainers, and health industry entrepreneurs to start, grow, and scale their businesses, all online. This podcast brings REAL, and ACTIONABLE steps to level up your personal growth, business growth, and how to look better naked in the process. The Fitness Business Podcast hosts weekly guests ranging from industry experts, marketing experts, copywriters, PhDs, and thought leaders from around the world. The mission is to not only teach you the tools to earn more money and make more of an impact, but we aim to help you to look at the world a bit differently, with each and every episode.

By Erin Dimond and Jordan Dugger

Low Carb en Español con Paula Rincón show

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Low Carb en Español es un podcast destinado a la optimización de salud por medio un estilo vida LCHF. Escucha a los mejores expertos en el campo de la alimentación cetogénica, biohacking y rendimiento. Y descubre las mejores herramientas de quienes han hecho de LowCarb un estilo de vida a largo plazo. Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By Paula Rincon

To Your Good Health Radio show

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Chiropractic physician, Dr. David Friedman, is doing his part to change the dynamics of health talk radio by incorporating entertainment, shock value and solutions to everyday health and wellness issues. Dr. Friedman and co-host Melanie Cole, MS, expose health industry leaders for their part in some of the health epidemics plaguing our nation. He interviews world-renowned doctors, celebrities, sports figures, and New York Times bestselling authors who share the common goal of finding a healthy lifestyle in unhealthy America.

By RadioMD

The 5 AM Miracle show

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<p>Good morning! Discover how to dominate your day before breakfast every Monday morning. This practical self-improvement podcast focuses on productivity, healthy habits, and personal development. </p>

By Jeff Sanders

Delicious Ways to Feel Better show

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<p>Confused about health and wellness? Each week we interview an expert to bring a little inspiration to your life - from gut health to mental health and anxiety, how to make sustainable changes, finding happiness, what happens to our brains when we exercise, skincare 101, dealing with stress, veganism and the environment and so much more.</p><p><br></p><p>Hosted by Ella Mills, the founder of Deliciously Ella, this podcast brings you open, honest conversation around mental and physical health.</p>

By Deliciously Ella