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The Proverbial Knitter show

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The Proverbial Knitter is a biblically themed video podcast that combines Christianity and the fiber arts. It’s an opportunity for me to not only ramble on about my love of knitting and yummy yarns, but also to share scripture and truths from the Bible with the viewers. A proverb is defined as a statement that is “widely known and spoken of,” and regarded as true. I don’t claim to know it all, but I look forward to sharing my thoughts as we journey together through life.

By Tammy K. Eastburn

Anonymous Knitter  show

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I will post all episodes on Saturdays. You can expect the life experiences of a knitter, patterns, opinions, reviews, and maybe even interviews. Don't forget to give me feedback on Itunes!

By Louise Ann Benjamin

Fluffy Fibers show

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The French podcast in English on sewing, knitting, reading, and living green; all of course with the occasional help of the kitty of the house. Isabelle, who also blogs at www.kittycouture.blogspot.com, chats with you from Southern France.

By Fluffy Fibers

Knitting History show

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Podcast looking at the history of knitting, spinning, crochet, weaving, and all things fiber. Also includes random stories from history, reviews, and knitting chat.

By Jen

Knits Up? show

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For the new to intermediate knitter. Yarns, Patterns, & good knitting music.

By KnitterCNY

Star Joes show

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If you like Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Transformers or really any of the 80's franchises, then this is the podcast you should be listening to. Ryan and Chuck deliver a fun show while reviewing the comics, toys, book, and movies that make these franchises so great. And they do it while poking some fun at each other. If you want to hear two average joes with a wealth of knowledge to share with you the listener then it's worth the listen.

Guerilla Astronomy show

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all things pop-subculture. this is rogue podcasting.

By DreadJohn

Daily Digest show

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The daily ramblings about the news from UK newspapers and other media sources. This is produced by Jack Reynard the dodgy poker playing editor of pokerknave.com. While he searches for more nubile women to feature on his 'Poker Totty' section of pokerknave.com, he reads the papers to relax his over active imagination. Looking out for stories which tend to confirm his prejudices.

Zonetroopers Zonecast show

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Zonecasts are podcasts showcasing local and major talent, in the realm of sci-fi, fantasy, comics, gaming, art, music, ect..... Who are we kidding? We\'ll talk to anyone who will get in the chair. Anyway. The conversation is off the cuff, free flowing and sure to entertain. Stop in and check it out. Warning! Zonecast contains language of an explicit nature and refers to subject matter that may not be suitable to a young audience. The opinions and comments of our guests are there own and do not reflect the opinions of the zonetrooper.com administration.