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Deutsch - warum nicht? Часть 2 | Учить немецкий | Deutsche Welle show

Deutsch - warum nicht? Часть 2 | Учить немецкий | Deutsche WelleJoin Now to Follow

У Андреаса много дел. Ему нужно заботиться о гостях отеля, а также найти комнату для своих родителей и взять интервью у Карла Великого. Кроме того, его родители узнают, кто такая Экс и как с ней познакомился Андреас. Грамматика: модальные глаголы, временная форма Perfekt, дательный падеж.

By DW.COM | Deutsche Welle

Grammar Crammer Podcast show

Grammar Crammer PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Improve your writing with easy to digest, informal grammar lessons.

By Evan Halpine

Satchat  Radio show

Satchat RadioJoin Now to Follow

SatChat Radio is program for current and emerging leaders. Each week the show offers highlights and commentary from the weekly Twitter chat every held every Saturday morning. The show is hosted by three passionate BAM 100 education leaders, Brad Currie, Scott Rocco and Billy Krakower.

By BAM Radio Network - The Twitterati Channel

Music Education Advocacy Podcast - GearPipe.org show

Music Education Advocacy Podcast - GearPipe.orgJoin Now to Follow

At GearPipe.org, our mission is to mobilize musicians and music lovers to donate to music education charities, thereby supporting and giving back to a new generation of musicians. In this podcast, we will speak with people at the forefront of the Music Education Advocacy movement about issues facing the fight to restore music education to its rightful place for America's youth.

By Jeremy Brieske - GearPipe

Ed Got Game show

Ed Got GameJoin Now to Follow

An ongoing discussion about the evolving role of games in education

By BAM Radio Network - The Twitterati Channel

EdTech Greatest Hits show

EdTech Greatest HitsJoin Now to Follow

EdTech Greatest Hits is a round up of the most popular education technology segments on BAM Radio Network based on audience ratings. These are the shows that people really found most interesting and useful. For more follow us on Twitter: @bamradionetwork

By BAM Radio Network - The Twitterati Channel

Mythgard Academy show

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Mythgard Academy aims to make in-depth discussion of students' favorite works of fantasy and science fiction literature free and open to everyone. The Mythgard Academy program features live discussions with Mythgard Institute faculty to which all are invited, free of charge. Recordings of our sessions will be freely available after class, and we let our supporters decide what books we read. Learn more at mythgard.org/academy

By Mythgard Institute

Elementary Librarian show

Elementary LibrarianJoin Now to Follow

This podcast provides simple tips and tricks to help you take your school library to the next level! Join us and let's share some ideas!

By Jocelyn Sams

The Sciencesaurs show

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Kids have fun learning science and critical thinking skills by exploring God's world along side their endearing and animated dinosaur pals, The Sciencesaurs! For more info and fun visit us at sciencesaurs.com

By The Sciencesaurs



AMERICAN HISTORY RULES in Mr. Taft's 8th grade American history class at University School of Milwaukee. Keep coming back for audio files for lessons and homework, review sessions for tests and quizzes, and messages about class material. Historical audio files and music will also be included when they fit!

By Chuck Taft