Performing Arts Podcasts

Monoverse Radio  show

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The best in progressive, trance, house and all things dance music condensed into a mix format that showcases exclusive productions, mash-ups, promotional material and more.

By Santos Torres

Public Forum show

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The Public Theater’s Public Forum presents the theater of ideas: a series of conversations and performances that bring together leading voices in our politics and culture. In addition to live events, like the celebrated Forum Duets, the Forum conducts biweekly interviews with artists and thinkers who do fascinating work at The Public, Joe’s Pub at the Public, and beyond.

By The Public Theater

Phoenix Wings show

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There are four legendary artifacts -- the Emerald Shield, the Sapphire Trident, the Ruby Crown, and the Amethyst Orb Pendant. Each of these treasures are the keys to unlocking two creatures that have been sealed for a long time. Should they be released from their prison, catastrophe will happen. Journey with Nell, a 17-year-old aspiring knight from Planet Artemis, who undergoes an incident that changes the lives of not only his friends and many others, but himself as well.

By Noble Alexandria

CHIRP Radio Podcasts show

CHIRP Radio PodcastsJoin Now to Follow is a listener-supported music and arts focused community radio station in Chicago staffed by more than 150 volunteers. In addition to our live programming we produce a series of shows and interviews and provide them through our various podcasts.

By CHIRP Radio

Rock And Roll Ate My Brain show

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Cam Smith, having found his coat and grabbed his hat, was surprised to find himself making the bus in seconds flat. He found his way upstairs and had a smoke, and somebody spoke and he went into a THEME.

By Cam Smith

Short Story Guy Podcast: Current Event and Modern Fiction Stories show

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The Short Story Guy Podcast is the audio version of, the current event and modern-day fiction and nonfiction publication. The show features relevant short stories that help you keep up with today's news, follow modern issues, and be entertained by daily occurrences. "Today's stories are worth telling." The show's host is Jose Cervantes. Learn more at

By Jose Cervantes: Writer, Editor for Short Story Guy Publication

Star Trek: Starfinder show

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An audio drama using voice talent from many different parties and volunteers. It will have recurring and guest roles that make reference to and tie the series continuity to the game Star Trek Online, as well as the Foundry, the user generated content made by authors who play STO. "STAR TREK and all related marks, logos and characters are owned by CBS Studios Inc. “Star Trek: Starfinder”, the website, the promotion thereof and/or any exhibition of material created by Staff of Star trek: Starfinder, are not endorsed or sponsored by or affiliated with CBS/Paramount Pictures or the STAR TREK franchise." Creator/Author/Director George Silsby aka chooch99 Executive Producers Stephen Trent aka Jhen Scott Lowry aka Jahner Interested in syndicating Starfinder? Contact for more info. For general information please contact us at

By Star Trek: Starfinder

Iradex show

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Podcast com indicação de livros, séries, filmes e games. O Iradex indica semanalmente elementos da cultura pop, tecnologia, da vida, do universo, do tudomais. O importante é que seja bom.

By Iradex

Marketing Musician show

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Do you need more fans, gigs, exposure? It's where musicians trade advice on technology, fans, gigs, and the business.

By David Jackson

Composer Quest: A Songwriting and Music Composition Podcast show

Composer Quest: A Songwriting and Music Composition PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Join the quest! Learn how composers and songwriters create music in this podcast hosted by Minneapolis composer Charlie McCarron. Whether you’re a music composition grad or simply an occasional noodler on a guitar, each guest has a new perspective for you on the creative process of composing and songwriting, along with some concrete ideas to apply to your own music.

By Charlie McCarron