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The Upgrd Podcast show

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A round table podcast with airline frequent flyers, elite hotel program members, and business travelers. Learn about airline upgrade strategies, redeeming credit card miles, flying first class, hotel upgrades, and mileage runs.

By Frequent Flyers at upgrd.com

Hangar Flying Podcast show

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This podcast, hosted by two pilots, discusses travel, airline operations, pilot training and more.

By Pilots Steve and Gabrielle

The Crew Lounge Podcast show

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A travel podcast hosted by two flight attendants offering listeners a unique look into the life, travels and career of a flight attendant.

By Flight Attendants Sara and Mimi

Angle of Attack Podcast show

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Your weekly source for news about the RC hobby. Featuring event coverage, reviews, tips and more.

By Angle of Attack Podcast

Aviation LO Down show

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Modern, engaging, and unique, Aviation LO Down is the official podcast of David Lombardo, also known by his operating initials, LO. Full of the passion, humor, and the famous improvisational style found on many of his past social media projects, Aviation LO Down features fascinating interviews and soundbites from across the industry in an exciting and energy-fueled format anyone can enjoy. A podcast that explores not just flying, but the art and science of what makes people in aviation tick. Whether it's a teen flight student playing a flight simulator, an air traffic controller working at an understaffed facility, a flight attendant on her 7th flight of the day, or a 25,000-hour airline captain on the brink of retirement, there really is something for everyone on the Aviation LO Down. Welcome aboard!

By David Lombardo (LO)

The Student Pilot Cast (mp3) show

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Learning to fly…in front of the world. A Podcast about flight training. Follow Bill as he progresses through his flight training. This is the audio only feed. The audio podcasts are NOT the same content as the video podcasts, so if you want all the content, please subscribe to both. The audio feed is more tied to the student experience, in cockpit training, with a few features and special events. The video feed includes in-cockpit video sometimes, but is more feature oriented and does not typically coincide as closely with the training.

By Bill Williams

Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase! show

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Travel the world with Flight Attendant Betty!!! This is a airline and travel podcast with funny stories from the airplane and around the world!! I actually have a book coming out...if go to my website www.bettyinthesky.com you can find out more about the book and e-book!

By Flight Attendant Betty

AME High Podcast: Aviation Made Easy show

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The AME HIGH Podcast is the place for hanger talk with our hosts Mark Patey, world record pilot for fastest flight across the United States in a single-engine aircraft, and AME HIGH\'s CFI Erika Wiggins


RC Afterhours show

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Welcome to the RC Afterhours podcast. Tune in to found out what the hosts (Chris Mike and Andre) along with their special guests think about the fly RC flying hobby. Flying, reviews, crash stories and so much more. rcafterhourspodcast@gmail.com

By Chris Roncaglione

Chris Turke's Podcast show

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First podcast from Chris Turke a first officer and cockpit procedures training instructor at a regional airline. Talk about regional airlines, landings, and topics to come in an informal and conversational manner. Leave some feedback and tell Chris what you want to talk about while he shares a unique perspective from the right seat of a Crj-200 cockpit and the life of a regional pilot.

By Chris Turke